Color Lover VOLUME BOOST 2 Phase Conditioner | leave in conditioner
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    • Ultra-light, volumizing leave-in spray conditioner
    • Quinoa, vitamins & emollients detangle, eliminate static & aid styling
    • Dynamic 2 phase formulation   White Phase - protects color, nourishes hair 6- smooths the cuticle            
    • Violet Phase - protects color, detangles, boosts body 6- shine                
    • Shake it...spray it for one dynamic result 

Color Lover Volume Boost has a

2-part formulation :

  1. White - protects your color, nourishes your hair and smooths the cuticle
  2. Violet - protects your color, helps detangle your hair, boosts your hair shine & body

The combination of the 2 parts also ...

  • Boosts body without weight
  • Enhances softness
  • Eliminates static electricity,
  • Makes styling you hair easier for you

Directions for use:  shake to mix the 2-part formulation :
(white-ish on top &  purple on the bottom).
Sprits to apply on damp hair after washing and
do not rinse, apply styling aids then dry

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Color Lover VOLUME BOOST 2 Phase Conditioner - leave-in

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